Take a breath of fresh air. No cartoons, no gimmicks to get you in the door; and everyone is a VIP for free at The Hemingway. Terrific wait staff and service, fabulous cigars, very fine wines and outstanding entertainment (Tues-Sat) is the reason why
The Hemingway has been, and is Midland's premier cigar and wine meeting place. Known internationally
The Hemingway always is a place to meet for that afternoon cigar, an evening glass of wine before going to dinner, or come and stay; dining on our beautiful patio with one of the foremost restaurants in the state. The critically acclaimed Garlic Press Restaurant on most evenings will gladly send over a wait person to take your food order.

What more could you ask for? Oh, you have a small gathering and need a little privacy? Call us about booking our "back room". Beautifully finished as a wine cellar with an 8' solid granite table to eat around, meet around, or taste wine around.

We also have custom made gift baskets, as well as Gift Certificates of any denomination. So stop by this afternoon for one of dozens of cold beers, fine wines or fabulous cigars.

Remember, there's never a bad day at ,
The Hemingway.